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Hi, I'm Randy Hicks . . .

I limit my practice to adoption, and have done so for 35 years. My goal is to make stepparent adoptions (adopting a stepchild under 18) and adult adoptions (adopting a person 18 and over) fast affordable and worry-free. Depending on your county, most adoptions take only 2-4 months, start to finish. I know all the "tricks" for the fastest possible adoption learned in three+ decades of doing adoption cases. I have an associate of counsel attorney handling cases with me, Allen Hall.

We can do your consultation (approximately 30 minutes and free) by phone or Zoom - your choice. There is no need to leave your home, so no coronavirus worries. To schedule your free consultation, complete the online questionnaire for either stepparent adoption or adult adoption.

Home of the Flat Fee . . .

We understand you want to know in advance what your stepparent or adult adoption will cost, so we have a flat fee of $1,850 for adult adoptions and $2,500 for stepparent adoptions (children under 18). Usually no hourly fees!


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No need to come to our office. Stay home and do a free consultation by phone or Zoom.

Randy has written several adoption books, featured on The Today Show, CBS This Morning, Sally Jesse Raphael and PBS. His book on effective step parenting is an Amazon bestseller in the "step parenting books" category. To learn about other helpful stepparent books visit

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It's easy to get started…

STEP ONE: Read my detailed summary of stepparent or adult adoption laws and procedures for your county using the links above. You are welcome to call me to get acquainted and I'm happy to answer a quick question or two. But for a free full consultation (about 30 minutes), you need to first fill out the online Stepparent Adoption Questionnaire, or Adult Adoption Questionnaire, which gives me the needed details about your case to fully advise you, and do the legal documents should you wish to later retain me and go forward. There is no charge for this consultation.

STEP TWO: After your consultation, I will email you my short and simple retainer. It will specify the flat fee of $1,500 for an adult adoption or $2,500 for a stepparent of a minor child adoption. I pay the court filing fee for you, as well as normal office costs that most lawyers charge extra for - out of my fee.

STEP THREE: Upon receiving your retainer, within just 3-4 business days I will have the necessary adoption documents required by the court and Vital Records completed and emailed to you to sign and return, at which time I will file your case with the court and the process begins. I will continue to work with you until the adoption is approved by the court, usually about 8-16 weeks later (varies by which county you live in).