Stepparent Adoption Questionnaire

Most attorneys will give you a questionnaire like this when you arrive at their office, requiring you to complete it there. We believe it is more comfortable to do it at your leisure at home. Your answers in this short questionnaire will give Randy and Allen the information they need to: 1) fully advise you during your consultation, such as if there may be a legal problem and how to best overcome it; and 2) use this information to prepare your legal pleadings. Just click "submit" and it will be electronically delivered to Randy. (Please note: If you are adopting a person over age 18 - an adult adoption - please use theĀ Adult Adoption Questionnaire.)

  • The information you provide is confidential. If you do not retain us, the questionnaire will be destroyed.
  • Allen will call you promptly to schedule your consultation (typically Allen handles the stepparent adoptions and Randy the adult adoptions - where the adoptee is 18+).
  • Be aware that completing this questionnaire does not make Randy or Allen your attorney.
  • The fields below will expand as needed should you need extra space, and you can use "tab" to move to the next field.