Riverside County newest to convert to video hearings for your safety.

In keeping everyone updated regarding the adoption legal scene in southern California, I'm happy to state that the Riverside County Superior Court is now finalizing adoption hearings by video. They use Webex which is easily accessed from your computer via a link provided by the court to your attorney. So now there are no fears about going to a crowded court waiting area, waiting for your case to be called.

For the adoption of minors, the court will require that your Adoption Agreement be notarized and filed with the court, since you will not be present in court to sign in front of the judge, as is the norm. Most judges will properly waive this requirement of notarization for Adult Adoptions, but some judges may not.

After the adoption is granted the court will mail the certified copies of the Order of Adoption.

Other local counties doing video hearings are Orange and San Diego, although they do not require notarization of the Adoption Agreement if the parties are present by video to confirm their signatures. Los Angeles has a different process but still does not require you as the parties to the adoption to appear in court. Only San Bernardino still requires petitioners to go to court, although the judge agrees to non-appearance (rarely done).