Covid-19 Update re Courts

All the southern California courthouses shut down, either fully or partially during the Covid-19 closures. However, most are up and running again. San Diego and Orange County took good care of their citizens by finalizing their adoption cases by video, even when the court was closed to the public. This meant these families were not delayed in completing their adoptions, and the court did not fall behind in handling adoption finalizations. So win-win.

Los Angeles County, finally has made a move in the right direction, months after other counties. On June 11th it was announced that they were implementing their own “rush” procedure, which will not even require a video hearing, rather the judge simply signing the final adoption order and other required documents. Special forms and notarizations are required to take advantage of this new option.

Riverside and San Bernardino have made no plans as of this date to do video hearings, so the adoptive families, even those with infants, or elderly people perhaps doing an adult adoption, will be forced to go to court and deal with sometimes crowded court hallways and waiting areas. It is hoped they will make plans like other counties soon.